21 February 2010


We have been in Rio for the last 9 days and have mostly loved our stay here. However, it is time to move on. A few hours west of here is the island "Ilha Grande" which is supposed to have great camping and hiking and not much infrastructure. I have heard about this place for years and am excited to finally see it. After that, we'll stop for a day in Paraty, an old colonial town. Then on to Sao Paulo for a few days in one of the top-five biggest cities in the world. That'll be interesting :)

Sorry for the lack of blogs this last week. What can I say? We were having too much fun.


  1. Yeah "Ilha Grande" - I loved that place....though getting there by cab, bus, bus, ferry was not the easiest without speaking Portuguese and not much Spanish. I remember just standing on the freeway waiting for a bus to Mangaratiba...or something like that - I think where the ferry departs. There was some great hiking and beautiful beaches - some of the best in the world - white sandy beaches, beautiful blue water with palm trees on the beach if I remember right....


  2. Chris - I was thinking of you as we were on the ferry. I distinctly remember your story of difficulties with the buses and ferries. We too had an equally difficult time, but eventually made it there and loved it. Great beaches and hiking and pristine environment.