09 February 2010

A Day in Paraguay

Actually, only a few hours. For about a buck, we took the bus from Argentina to Paraguay through Brasil. Yes, a tri-country international bus for the cost of a candy bar.
We arrived at Ciudad del Este (City of the East), which is known as the supermarket of South America. I'm not sure how this city became a clearing house for imported goods, but obviously the proximity to Brazil and Argentina was a defining factor. It reminds me of certain streets in SF or NY, where you walk by one store that is jam-packed with electronic goods, the next store has perfumes, the next has toys, and the next has electronic goods. Now, multiply this by about a billion and you have Ciudad del Este.

Well, god must have been looking out for our health, for as soon as we arrive, a torrential downpour ensued. Street-side stalls closed up and shoppers to refuge in the proper stores. We couldn't wait out the rain and so returned to Argentina within a short time. We did witness streets getting flooded and massive amounts of trash being carried away. It was an experience to say the least.
The wheel of this motorcycle filters the runoff and ensnares street trash. 

Friendship Bridge, linking Brasil and Paraguay. I wouldn't feel so safe on those motorcycles.

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