07 February 2010

Culture Week Continues

Our week in Cordoba was like a crash course in Argentina, even though we  already been here for a month.
Among the things we did to round out our week:

Yerba Mate - Argentina's national drink. Some say it tastes like grass. It definitely has an earthy taste to it. Fill the mate (cup) with yerba (herbs), add hot water, and drink throught the metal straw which has a filter at the bottom. Drink the few sips of mate, then refill with water and pass to the next person. EVERYBODY here drinks yerba mate.

Music - We listened to Carmela's dad play piano and accordion, our new friend Flores serenaded us with acoustic guitar and a very fine singing voice, and Carmela went through her CDs to play a variety of quintessential songs from various Argentine styles.

Nightlife - Carmela tried her best to show us Cordoba's nightlife. This included drinking Tremont, a bitter alcohol, originally from Italy, that is added to coke. It tastes like I look.

History - Again, Carmela and Flores are experts in this field. We visited many historical sites in Cordoba, including this cathedral where we crashed a wedding, and the church below. Both are located in the center of the city.

Tango - We didn't get a chance to take a lesson, but we did sit for hours in the central plaza and watch. Every Saturday night, someone sets up a small sound system and plays old tango songs, while locals come and dance through the night. Young guns and old cats alike partake in this fun gathering.

Thanks Carmela for everything! We're now going on a 22 hour bus ride that will take us to Iguazu Falls.

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