Travel Route & Map

The Two-Year Honeymoon

August - California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota
September - USA, Guatemala
October - Guatemala, Costa Rica
November - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina
December - Chile, Argentina

January - Argentina, Chile
February - Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
March - Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia
April - Colombia, Ecuador
May - Peru
June - Bolivia, Chile, California
July - California, Finland, Russia
August - Russia
September - Russia
October - Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria
November - Bulgaria
December - Bulgaria, Romania

January - Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
February - Germany, Italy
March - Italy, France
April - France, Switzerland, Norway
May - Norway
June - Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, USA
July - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Canada
August - Colorado, Utah, California
September - Oregon, California

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