24 August 2009

Road Trip - California & Oregon

We left Davis late yesterday, in Kristin's car packed with everything we want to keep at her parents' house. Our first destination was Hilt, home to some of our hardier relatives. We ate veggie burritoes and homemade apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. We took a tour of their new shed, garden and met some of the many animals. Thanks for the great hospitality!
By afternoon we'll be in Portland, visiting Casey and walking around the city. Afterwards we'll continue driving up to Seattle and plan to crash with Eric. Both friends are guides with Outdoor Adventures.

18 August 2009

Hotter Than a Pepper Sprout


 We got married today. It was a surprise wedding for the few members of our family that were there. It was at Crissy Field under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We had chocolate chocolate chocolate cake, took lots of photos, and drank wine and champagne. It was an important event, but still just another day in our wonderful life together.

All summer long we've been singing the song "Jackson" by Johnny Cash and June Carter:
photoWe got married in a fever
Hotter than a pepper sprout
We've been talking about Jackson
Ever since the fire went out

We're going to Jackson
And that's a fact
Yeah, we're going to Jackson
Ain't never coming back

09 August 2009

Summer Snow?

A few pics from my guiding this spring & summer with Shasta Mountain Guides . Click on any photo to see all of my Shasta albums.

North Side Hotlum-Bolum Route. From Shasta 7.31.09
Campsite, West Face. From Shasta 7.06.09
Summit For Someone, West Face. From Shasta 6.19.09
American Liver Foundation, Avalanche Gulch. From Shasta 6.06.09
Early season training, Avalanche Gulch. From Shasta 4.03.09