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Highly Recommended Non-Profits
Avivara - Guatemala
CloudBridge - Costa Rica
Peniel Workshop - Colombia
Save Mount Diablo - California

Our Favorite Hostels
Hotel Aaculaax - San Marcos de Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Casa Mariposa - Chirippo National Park, Costa Rica
Hostel la Torre Suiza - Villarica, Chile
1004 - Bariloche, Argentina
HostelTrail - Popayan, Colombia
Baikaler - Irkutsk, Russia

Our Favorite Restaurants
Sushi Club - Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Epif - Valparaiso, Chile
El Deseyunador - Valparaiso, Chile
Salud - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Vegacy - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Los Sabios - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spring Restaurante Vegetariano - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quinua y Amaranto - Bogota, Colombia
Cafe Gratitude - San Francisco, California

Travel Resources - Vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout the world - Avoid the hostel route by making friends while sleeping on their couch

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