22 January 2010

Where We Are Happiest

It should come as no surprise that when traveling, Kristin and I head for the hills. We feel at home in the mountains. Thus, we´ve tailered our travel itinerary to give us the best opportunities to trek.

We have found two towns that we really like and they are both in Northern Patagonia. The first town is El Bolsón, where we stayed for three days after camping for a week and hiking over the border. It has a artesian´s market three times a week, is well known for growing berries and organic crops, and is in a beautiful valley. It could only be better if it had a university. I know, it´ll be hard to find another Davis

The view to the east. Taken on our first night at the hostel.

One of the many sculptures in the large central park, this one looks like steampunk. The park also houses a lake, the artesian´s fair, lots of concerts, and soft grass for playing guitar and sharing mate.

The second place is less than 200km north of El Bolsón and it is where we are staying now - Bariloche. We have heard about this city ever since we started our travels in Guatemala. Bariloche is in a National Park, has some of South America´s best ski resorts nearby, and is renown for it´s chocolate. While the chocolate isn´t actually the best, it does win points for the availability of good fruits, veggies and meat, plus accessibility to hiking and skiing.

For the last few days, we´ve been taking it easy here. We found a really good natural foods store. Our hostel has absolutely stunning views from every dorm room. Kristin is able to program a bit while I do some research and planning for the next few months of traveling. Overall, it´s probably our favorite place and our favorite non-backcountry time.

The view from our room. The bathroom look out onto the lake and the common room looks to more mountains in the east.

A Russian-themed chocolate shop. Yay!

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