18 January 2010

Bonus Time

Our friends from Davis, Pat and Naomi, introduced us to the concept of Bonus Time. When you have already had a full day, yet you still have more of the day left, then you have achieved Bonus Time. Everything that happens thereafter is just desserts.

Last April, the four of us went to Kirkwood. We had season passes and had gotten a ton of use all season, but we still wanted to get in one more day. It was a nice sunny day with good spring corn. We were able to continue our traditional undie run at the end of the day. We returned to the car, happy and tired. Back in Davis we made plans to have dinner that same night. Kristin and I brought some salad makings and dessert, while Naomi and Pat provided the pasta and moose-meat sauce, straight from Alaska. By the time we arrived at their house that night, we already felt like we had done so much that day. They agreed and told us that we were experiencing Bonus Time.

Ever since then, Kristin and I have celebrated a day that just overflows with good times. Today is one of those days already. Kristin and I woke up early to break down our camp and catch the early bus to town. We spent several hours "working": emailing, researching, and reading. We walked around the city, scored some free chocolate, found good empanadas and great chocolate cake. Now we´re back at the hostel, devouring our first guacamole since Guatemala. I´m heading out later to pick up ingredients for dinner and a bottle of Mendoza´s good Malbec. Today is exactly 5 months since we got married Also, it is my sister-in-laws birthday (not that we need the excuse to eat chocolate cake everyday). I can already tell that we´re heading into Bonus Time soon. I hope you too find some days that are just exceptional and that you enjoy some Bonus Time.


  1. I love the Bonus Time thinking and happy traveling!

  2. Are you two vying for the Best Commenter Award for 2010?

  3. I remember Naomi was training for a marathon and ran 10 miles that day. What is the level up from Bonus Time? Overtime Bonus Time? Super Bonus Time? Double Bonus Bonus Time?

  4. Bonus time - perfect way to enjoy life! Malbec - one of my favorite wines. Did you enjoy your purchase? Have fun! Love,