29 January 2010

Hike. Eat. Repeat.

The theme continues: great hiking, returning to civilization for refueling on good food, then more great hiking. A few pictures from the last two weeks as they tell the story better than me mincing words.

Our first backpacking trip outside of Bariloche. This was only a few hours trek from where public transport dropped us off. How can you beat that for a good start?

Coming over the saddle, we find our trail through the valley on the left. We eat pb&j and take in the views for as long as we can.

We set up camp on the right side of the lake. We also couldn't complain about that. Or the fact that camping is free. And there is no park entry fee. Or the great weather. Or anything really.

The walk home. Still spectacular.

Didn't make it back to town as we got sidetracked in the beautiful municipal park. We stealth camped in a bamboo thicket by this lake.

While I don't generally eat meat, I can't pass up the opportunity for the world's best beef. And at only $1.50 for a 10oz steak at the butchers shop, it's probably the cheaper than cheese or chocolate.

Back to camping. Mt. Tranador is 1,000 meters higher than everything else around it, leading to probably the most spectacular campsite and sunset that I've ever witnessed.

Don't adjust your monitor, these colors are accurate.

Adjacent to another campsite. Within an hours walk were "thermal pools", except that nobody bothered to build any pools around the springs. So, Mia may have enjoyed the dip, but the water was only ankle deep. Disappointing, but not surprising. Luckily we had a great hike along the way, lots of good conversations, and we hitched a ride back to town with two college girls and their dog. Hitching rides has so far proved to be the best way to meet cool people :)


  1. Great photos and exciting hiking, Danny. Thank you. Kristin posing with the flowers is a keeper. Take care.

  2. these photos are breathtaking. side note to danny's toe: heal!

  3. Photo of Kristin with the flowers is a keeper. Kristin is a keeper. My toe is a keeper.

  4. great pictures! i m watching them in a foggy day, they really bring colors ;)