03 January 2010

Homecoming and Going

After two weeks of traveling with the family, K. and I returned to our adopted home in Santiago. This is the third time we've visited our friend Carlos. Each time his family welcomes us with open arms and sincere generosity. Having a "home base" really helps to make our travels a little more manageable, personable, and educational. 

But, we are not ones to sit still. After two days we are on the road again. We are heading south to the Lakes District. We'll start off in Chilean and make our way over the Andes to the Argentinian side by next week. Both areas are blessed with many lakes, mountains, volcanoes and, hence, many parks. Just what we're looking for!

Having a typically late-night dinner with Carlos and his family.

Enjoying the views of Santiago and the Andes from the top of a smaller mountain.

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