08 October 2009

Photos from Mayan Ruins

Our time in Northern Guatemala was well spent, but I ended up with salmonella poisoning which caused typhoid fever. I never had time to post the photos, so here I go:

Tikal - 900 AD

Climbing the stairs . . .

. . . to get views like this.

The most famous of Tikal's pyramids.

Giant trees and lots of wildlife really made Tikal a pleasant park. Overall, it was a perfect blend of rebuilt buildings, while not being too refined or commercial (like Chitzen Itza, Mexico).

Mirador - 2000 BC

It took a lot of imagination to see this place as the peak of Mayan civilization and the largest pyramid ever built.

Impeccably-preserved frescoes lined the irrigation canals. Really, who had the power to make gutters look this good?

60km from the farthest village and we still got cell phone connection. Gotta love flat states. Nothing but flat, humid jungle as far as we could see.

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