20 October 2009

Saying Thanks

K. and I would like to extend our deepest sense of gratitude to Ann and Gary. They hosted us for the last month, while we peppered them with questions about Guatemala, took over their kitchen, turned their living room into a Spanish school, and found respite when we were tired, broke and sick with Typhoid Fever and bedbugs.

Ann and Gary have traded their comfortable lives in Seattle for a harder, but more rewarding, journey of improving Guatemala through education. They do this through a non-profit that they founded, called Avivara.

On our last night in Guatemala, Ann made eggplant lasagna and K made the most delicious chocolate tort with macedamia nut crust. K knows how to spoil me and make me feel at home on my birthday.

Here's one last picture from Guatemala, showing that maybe you can have your cake and eat it too.


  1. what's the next step my friend?

  2. Thanks for the great summary of your Guatemala adventure. Enjoy the Costa Rico weather, I hear it is always about 75 degrees in San Juan.

  3. Hmm, 75 degrees and raining. At least this time of year!

  4. Dear Kristin and Danny,
    While I was able to share only a small part of your visit to Guatemala, I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I was able to spend with you.

    In reading over your blog you have done an excellent job of capturing the good and the not so good aspects of Guatemala. May the rest of your journey bring you great adventures and an even stronger appreciation for life in all its quirky manifestations.
    Gary Teale