14 October 2009

Out of The Hospital

If you've been reading Kristin's blog, then you already have heard the news: upon our return from the north, I had a fever and the most terrible head/neck aches. We got back to Antigua on Sunday morning and I tried Ibuprofen and Extra Strength Tylenol. Those didn't work so we went to the hospital Monday morning. They ran some blood tests and determined that I had salmonella poisoning which caused Typhoid Fever. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and am now home recovering. I am taking meds for the next week and have another checkup before we leave for Costa Rica on Tuesday. I won't be 100% for another month.

I can't thank Kristin enough for her help during my stay at the hospital. Overall, it was a smooth and safe experience, but I'm aware of how hard she worked to make it that way for me so I could recover. She handled the travel insurance, filled my prescription, snuck in some treats, and stayed with me the whole time to keep me comfortable and entertained.

I'm feeling better now, though I still sleep a lot. Obviously, we've had to reschedule our travel "plans" for the rest of our time in Guatemala. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get in to the Western Highlands and visit places like Huehuetenango and Todos los Santas. We'll spend the weekend at Lake Atitlan, which is supposed to have stunning scenery. Hopefully that'll help revitalize me.


  1. Danny, I hope it is all out of your system. My mom had a case like that 20-25 years ago, but is all well. I gave your mom some contact info, one is a nurse, got her degree in the states and speaks english well and to a Dr colleague, who my mom trusts with her live and that of my siblings. Please do not hesitate on calling either Herlinda Ochoa (distant cousins) or the Dr.

    Hope the rest of the trip is smoother than this!

  2. Also, you will love Atitlan. I never got to go to Panajachel, but there is a sixeable expat community there. The lake is gorgeous. U have stayed a chalet of a friends a few times and it was heavenly. I hope you get to see it!