30 September 2009

Heading to Ruin(s)

Our week of spanish lessons are done. We've been enjoying this idyllic time by reading, studying and cooking. Every day we've had 4 hours of one-on-one spanish lessons and quite a bit of homework. Kristin has already read around 100 books, while I've been studying the guidebooks to Central and South America.

We're less than two weeks into this trip and already I feel like we don't have enough time. Six months to see Latin America? I mean, come on! Plus, the slower we go, the cheaper it will be as we can use buses instead of planes for transportation. Anyways, Kristin and I will be talking about this and we'll let you know if anything changes. Also, we just got news the Chris, Hillary and Mia will be joining us in Costa Rica next month. Hurray!

Anyways, Kristin is asleep and I'm trying to send out a few last emails. We're waking early tomorrow to head north to Lanquin, where there are some hot springs, an underground river, and a tree-house hostel. Then up to the far north area of Peten, where we'll hopefully see the ruins of Tikal, Zotz, Mirador and maybe more. Until then, here are some pictures of us with our spanish teachers! Thank you Romanti and Fredy for teaching, and Ann for setting us up with such wonderful maestros.

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