04 September 2009

Looking California, Feeling Minnesota

Our road trip went really well. In total, we met up with:
  • Cindy, Drew, Laura, Katie in Hilt, OR
  • Casey in Portland
  • Eric (and his mom), Todd, Kate, Sarah and Eli in Seattle
  • Brooke and Mark in Pullman, WA (near Moscow, ID)
  • Kerrie and Bob in Bozeman, MT - on their 37th wedding anniversary
  • Dennis, Shirley and Janine at Firehole Ranch near Yellowstone National Park
  • Kristin's entire family and many, many friends in Minnesota
It's best just to watch the photo slideshow (below). We had a fabulous trip, thanks to our wonderful hosts. At the end of it, we are flying back to Davis where we'll have 10 days to empty our house and leave for our 2 years of travelling.

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