26 September 2009

Antigua Market

The open-air market is at the heart of Antigua, and it's at it's peak on Saturday morning. We'd already been there a few times before, but we thought we'd check it out again. Well, it was loud, colorful, aromatic, fun, and crowded. We bought a ton of fruits, veggies and nuts. Everything is local, cheap and delicious too! Most of the women continue to wear their traditional woven clothing, with lots of black, purple, blue and red colors. 

Unfortunately, as we were having lunch at a nearby restaurant, our friend realized that her bag had been sliced open and her wallet was stolen. We've heard numerous stories of Guatemala being dangerous, and this brings it home for us. 

What have we done to protect ourselves? In addition to the obvious things, we: only travel with a photocopy of our passport, have hidden zippered pockets in our pants, use a homemade money belt, have a fake wallet (with a few bucks and some old cards), spread our money around our pockets, and keep important things on our body - not in a bag. We have a few other secret tricks. Email me if you're interested.


  1. It's great to get updates from you two - we love hearing what you're up to. Nice to hear you're staying safe Danny - Hopefully we'll see you in Costa Rica the first week of Nov.

  2. you could wrap high voltage wire around your bags... not sure that it works...