29 November 2010

The Fish Spa

On a hike in Rio de Janeiro last February, we happened upon a pond with these tiny fish that nibbled at our feet. It tickled and was an odd sight. Later that day, we researched the fish online and discovered that they were feasting on our dead skin. Yummy.

After seeing my post on this subject, my step-mom showed me a news story about a ritzy new spa near D.C. that offered to use these same fish to cleanse the skin . . . for a hefty fee.

In Sochi, we actually came upon such a treatment, shown here. In Russia, businesses or products that are considered luxury are often written in English or French. Hence, this place was named simply "Fish Spa." 

Be the first one in your community to start this spa and you're guaranteed to be rich.

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6 Months Ago: Machu Pichu, Peru
1 Year Ago: Fitz Roy/Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

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