30 November 2009

Los Glaciares

Sure, it´s easy to exagerate when things are good, but I´m careful when I talk about parks. I´m not exagerating when I say that Los Glaciares is the most dramatic park I have ever been too.
Located in southern Patagonia, this park is Argentina´s response to Chile´s Torres del Paine. Los Glaciares protects South America´s Continental Ice Field. It is the largest ice mass outside of Antarctica and Greenland. It is home to a silly number of glaciares and many of them are approachable within a day´s hike from town. However, why would we pay to stay in a hostel when we can camp for free in the park?

K. and I arrived Monday. After buying food, we immediately hiked into the mountains. We set up what would be our base camp for 6 days. Everyday presented a different challenging hike with the most spectacular views. I´ll let the photos do the talking, but keep in mind how hard it is to really capture the breadth and drama of towering cliffs, soaring spires, hanging glaciares, earth-moving wind and mountain top after mountain top after mountain top.

It´s easy to see why this park is a new fav of mine - stunning views, great hikes, free camping, free entrance, near a cool climber town of El Chalten, and it offers everything from easy day hikes to some of the most challenging climbing on the continent. Yet, I didn´t really know about this park prior to a few weeks ago. Torres del Paine is more well known, as it is the poster child of Patagonia. That´s where we´re going next. It´ll be interesting to see how it compares.

Oh, the wonderful natural beauty that this world has to offer! Keep exploring.

An excellent view from our favorite lunch spot.

Scouting the trail through the tundra/marshland to the mountains.

Refilling on a blistery spring day.

Looking past Lago Los Toros to the tilted glacier and it's delta flow.

Finding happiness everywhere we go, but particularly on the trail.

Cerro Torro - intimidating from all aspects.


  1. Danny - Los Glaciares sounds (and looks) amazing. I love following your adventures. The views you're seeing each day are probably pretty similar to the ones I see each day at work....or not. I'm jealous. Kevin is coming out for a few days next week to visit...I guess he'll be the first brother to see the final addition - see all you're missing :)

  2. Great summary of your adventure. Hello to Kris.