20 October 2010

What I Did Today

Despite being in a foreign country and living in a very isolated location, Kristin made today a very special day for me. Yes, it's my birthday and I am turning 30. Starting a new decade does not seem scary or too significant. Everyday is what is important, and everyday I hope to live like it is a special day. With Kristin, that is all too easy.

So what did we do today? Well, I woke to a giant Russian birthday card that Kristin had been hiding away for the last two months. We stretched, went for a run, and returned to cook our usual super-healthy breakfast (whole grain hot cereal, fruits, nuts, yogurt). We did laundry, by hand in a bucket. Hopefully our clothes will dry by tomorrow!During the day we communicated with various friends and family members via Skype, gmail chat, emails, and Facebook.
For lunch, Kristin prepared a delicious and healthy macaroni and cheese (inspired by, but nothing like, my grandmother Patsy used to make). And to top it all of, she created a raw vegan german chocolate cake. It was absolutely amazing!

Now we are winding down, finishing up a few errands, before we watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I remember watching this film shortly after my parents divorced. It was my eighth birthday and my dad took me and two of my brothers to an actual movie theater (maybe the first time I went to a theater).  We got banana splits at the ice cream shop and then watched this movie. I  never watched the movie again, but I always thought it was good. Terry Gilliam directed it and he is one of my favorite directors. He directed Brazil, Time Bandits, Fear and Loathing, Twelve Monkeys, and was an original member of Monty Python. He was born in Minneapolis, so maybe that's why Kristin has agreed to watch his film tonight.
Anyhow, thanks for all the emails, chats, comments, posts, VOiPs, ecards and more! Where would we be without the internet?

Our apartment is on the ground floor unfortunately, but we have floor to ceiling windows and the complex is empty!

The fantastic cake, Russian birthday card, and custom-made silver crown. I am living like a king!


  1. Mia wants to skype with you guys tomorrow, she SLEPT IN this morning. That was probably her birthday present to you :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Glad to hear Kristin treated you like a king :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Danny! Great photo. It was on a visit to Bulgaria in 1968 that I learned to love tomato, cucumber, onion, salad with feta cheese and kalamata olives. What was the best - great Bulgarian bread to dunk in the olive oil and vinegar dressing. Try it!