24 October 2010

Massive Shopping Spree

There are two small shops in our village, where we buy our fruits, veggies, and yogurt. However, we spent the better part of last Monday traveling to the big city of  Burgas to stock up on hard-to-find goods, cleaning supplies, treats and a few kitchen items.

Check-out at the Burgas Carrefour, where we spent $220. The cashier laughed as she handed us our receipt. It is now hanging above our kitchen table as our sole wall decoration.

To get back home, we had to take three buses and walk 1.4 km. My backpack weighed more than 25 kg (60 lbs).

The weather was overcast all day, every day and it rains often. However, that also means there are no mosquitoes and it is never too hot to run. Oh, and that giant squash that Kristin is carrying? It cost us $1.50 and will be used in at least 10 meals.