19 October 2010

Blogging from Bulgaria

Hi All! Kristin and I have just arrived in Bulgaria, only two weeks after leaving the Mongolian border but is now half a world away. We spent 4-5 days on buses and trains to get from the Altai Mountains to Moscow. After five days in Moscow, we flew to Istanbul and spent another five days there.

After a few bus rides and one border crossing, we safely arrived at our new "home" in Kosharitsa, Bulgaria. My friend has generously lent us his vacation flat near the coast of the Black Sea. The resort complex is virtually empty, as are all the nearby cities.

We are going to stay here for a few months and work on our computers. Kristin is working on a scientific publication. I am busy with a few projects. The main goal is to develop an Android/iPhone app (with coding help from Kristin).

So far we have really enjoyed our stay here. We go running everyday on the empty road behind our flat, winding up a forested hill. The weather is rather drab, but it's bearable. We each have a "desk" with our laptops (thanks Janie!) and notes and papers littered about.

In my non-working time, I will continue to blog and catch up on the last two months of travel through Russia and Turkey. So stay tuned for more!

This was our first dinner in our new home. Apple, carrots, two types of cheese, whole wheat bread and hummus. No cooking required! We were so tired and starving when we finally arrived - this meal was perfect.

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  1. happy birthday, danny! looks like you guys are having a great time, we miss you both!
    hillary, chris, & mia