02 March 2011

Wake. Eat. Ski. Eat. Sleep.

Yes, I'm alive. And no I haven't forgotten how to use a computer. Our days are just packed .

We wake at around 7 and are on our skis within 30 minutes of leaving our house. Then we backcountry ski for several hours. On our way home we usually stop for a beer (our friends) or wine (me and Kristin). We eat like champs, all evening. Dry out our gear, wash our clothing in the sink, and maybe relax to a book or American tv show on our laptop.

The next day we repeat.

The view are spectacular. The people here are amazing. The food, so tasty. And Kristin is just the perfect partner for everything.

So, what does this mean for you? Fewer blog posts. But that's ok, because you'd probably just get more jealous.

Thanks to Piero, Toni, Viviana, Bepi and Fele for making this all possible!!! Stay tuned for more photos that'll make you hate your job.


  1. Yep...making me hate my job is exactly what these photos are doing. Keep posting the pictures, they make great screen savers for my work computer.

  2. Couldn't you have photoshopped out a little bit of powder? Just teasing. We have some here in CA too, so I ain't mad atchyou. Big hugs!