16 March 2011

Skiing With Bepi

We have enjoyed our month in the Italian Dolomites. We have been able to ski most of our days. We would have been lost without the guidance of our new, good friend Bepi. We skied together 2-3 days a week. 

Yesterday, we said our final goodbye. It has been raining here for the last three days, so our final time together was not sci alpinismo, but a quick Grazie por tuto and a handshake for me, kisses on the cheek for Kristin. 

 Bepi has been leading the way since our first day. He blazed the trail in deep powder and Kristin and I could not keep up!

 Bepi always knows the best spots for skiing, the best views, and the safest conditions.

 After a particularly sticky day, Bepi took us back to his garage and waxed our skis. He always took care of us.

 Piero visited for four days, and so the four of us skied together. I think Bepi saved the best tours for this week.

 Bepi was at our house every morning at 9am on the dot, with skins on his skis, ready to go! With his deep knowledge of the Dolomites and skiing efficiency, we traveled together to the most beautiful locations.

 Even when we were tired, he pushed us another five minutes to get the best view for our lunch break. When conditions were bad on the way up, he somehow knew where to find the good powder on the way down.

And every ski day ended with a stop at a local bar along the way: to have a beer (or house wine) that we earned.

Thank you, Bepi, for taking us under your wing. You have taught us much, so that even when you weren't skiing with us, we knew where to go. Though, it was never as much fun without you. Your laughter and kindness were absent on those days.

We hope you have one more beer, for us, because you earned it!


  1. Thank you for these great photos and update. Where are you headed now? Sorry about the rain. The beer looks appetizing! Be safe! Have fun!

  2. Magnific the photos and place!
    Good trip!