16 August 2010

An Ode to War and Peace

Kristin's sister, Alisa, met up with us in Argentina last Christmas. She was reading Tolstoy's War and Peace and was kind enough to leave it with us. We joined Alisa and her friends around the world to create an online book club. The club lasted only as long as the book, but lessons we learned remain with us.

Last week I thought of the book again as we learned (after much taste testing) that our favorite black bread here is from Borodino, site of the famous 1812 battle. Borodinski bread is the darkest bread we can find, made from rye, and topped with dried black pepper kernels. My favorite cake is Napoleon, which is basically a slight bit of flour that supports the massive amounts of cream. It lacks chocolate, but that's ok.

The bread costs less than a dollar for a half kilo loaf. The cake is four dollars for a half kilo. I love Russia.

(Sorry, no pictures. I eat the cake too fast to take a picture. And the bread is so dark that it sucks in light and makes photographing it impossible. I think this is a trick leftover from the Soviet days.)

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  1. Glad you're back to posting some when you can - it's great to hear you're having fun in Russia. It's fun to see the new pics. Have fun in the remote places you're visiting and if you happen to run into a fat old guy in a red suit near the North pole - put in a good word for me this year.