09 August 2010

(Back) On Track

We are on 17-hour train ride to Kem, from where we will take a 3.5 hour boat ride to Sotovitsky Islands in the White Sea. We will attempt to camp on that island, which was made famous as the location for the monestary-turned-prison camp in Solzhenitzen's Gulag Archipalego.

We also bought a universal computer modem and a mobile phone SIM card, with which we hope to have universal (if slow) internet connection. So I will keep this short and sweet. We are alive, doing well, having an excellent time, and loving Russia. We will take the next 10 days to explore the Arctic circle, before flying down to the Caucaus Mountains. The rest of our time will be split between treks there, in the Altai Mountain Range, and around Lake Baikal before we exit the country in Mongolia in October. 

I will try to catch up with blogging, uploading photos, and emails when I get a chance. 

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