23 June 2010

Quick Note

Kristin and I are in the Lima airport, enjoying free wi-fi and four sources of free chocolate samples. Dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts are the clear favorites. Between researching things on the internet and trying to scoop a few more pieces of chocolates, the five hours have passed pretty quickly.

From here we fly to San Salvador then to San Francisco, where we arrive at midnight. I cannot wait for some good food from Bonne Sante and Copenhagen Bakery (Burlingame) and Trader Joes. Then, the Davis Food Co-op and Davis Farmers Market. I think I will regain all my weight, if you still think that I have lost any!

The plan for the next few weeks? A few days in the SF area, then around two weeks in Davis. I will probably escape to Shasta to guide a trip or two. I'll also be editing and uploading photos, adding backdated blog posts to include a few missed adventures, and share my thoughts on our nine months in Latin America.

And of course we'll keep ya'll updated as to our travel plans for the next year.


  1. Hopefully you'll make a safe trip home. It was really nice having you both here! You definitelly have to come back :D

    Best wishes for the adventures ahead!