17 June 2010

The Last Overnight Bus

Our time spent in Bolivia was too little. Surprisingly, our travel plan actually went more smoothly than we thought it would, and we have landed in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile earlier than anticipated. I thought I might like San Pedro, but after a 3-day tour through the Salar de Uyuni, I cannot find a strong reason to stay around. We could see more: desert, odd-colored lakes, salt flats, and dry, brown and red volcanic mountains? Or, we could return to Santiago a few days early and see our friends there.

The answer is obvious. In an hour we will be boarding our last overnight bus. Twenty four hours to Santiago. I know we have spent at least a dozen nights on buses, and have been on sevearl 24-hour buses. It is no big deal anymore. Moreover, Kristin and I are excited to have some time to read, write emails on our netbook, and talk. We have a lot to plan for. In one week we will be back in San Francisco, rushing about like lettuce with our head cut off as we try to mmet up with friends and family while simultaniously planning for the next year of our journey.

We are excited to see our friends in Santiago, just as we are eagerly anticipating the fun times to be had back in California. Our Latin American adventures are almost over . . . nine wild months on this diverse continent has taught us a lot. We will continue blogging about it as our thoughts are collected in the coming weeks. I also have a boat load of pictures to share. Some of our best adventures have not been shown yet.

The twenty four hour bus ride would be torture to most people, but for us it will be the calm before the storm.

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