10 April 2010

Saying Good Bye to Bogotá

Last Wednesday we left Bogotá with heavy hearts, because we were leaving a most wonderful family that has practically adopted us. Grant and Kathleen hosted us, off and on, for two weeks over the last month. They taught us an immeasurable amount about Colombia, their family, and their beliefs. We ate an exotic array of excellent vegetarian food. Over dinner, we received an enlightened education on any topic that piqued our interest. Together, we played in the parks, shopped for food, and hiked through the nearby hills. It was perfect.

At the same time, Kristin and I were afforded the luxury of having a home for over a week. While Kristin programmed, I did our taxes, edited photos, wrote emails, blogged and did research for our future travels. We both read a lot and ran a few times, but mostly we just worked. It was a much needed break after six months of traveling. As we told them, our trip wouldn't be possible without the help of wonderful people like them.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time with their family and deeply admire the work that they do as missionaries. They have literally dedicated the last 12 years to helping Colombians improve their own lives. At the Peniel Farm, Grant works with 24 boys who had a precarious future. In addition to giving them a safe and loving home where they can eat well, sleep comfortably, and have help with their homework, Grant also trains them in technical skills in the farm's workshop.

When Janie was here, the three of us spent a day touring the farm, meeting the boys and the on-site adults, playing soccer, and fixing a few bikes. We can attest to the excellent work that Grant and his team are accomplishing in giving these boys help for a more hopeful future.

If you would like to learn more about the work that Grant is doing on the farm, please see his brand new blog: Peniel Workshop

Taking a break at the Farm after an exhausting game of soccer.

Saying "Goodbye" for the first time, as we left for the Caribbean Coast

Many of the boys spend Easter Week with their family, but William and Einer didn't have anywhere to go. Naturally, Grant and Kathleen brought these two home for the week. We went up to the mountains for a day of hiking and gawking at the rock climbers.

Enjoying some veggie and non-veggie empanadas at a local restaurant run by the first Colombian to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen.

Sometimes balancing on the rail is easier when someone is holding your hand.

The view from the stairwell of our "perch" - the loft that we called home for two weeks.

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  1. Dear Danny,

    Thank you for all your kind words, but the truth is that you, Kristin, and Janie are wonderful, inspiring guests and really blessed us with your enthusiasm for life. We love following your travel and life experiences via this blog, thanks for doing it so well!