19 April 2010


If our travel photos look great, it's mostly because the places we are visiting are magnificent, not because of the person holding the camera.

However, I have had some help and inspiration from my friends, Todd and Dan. Throughout my years in the backcountry, they has given honest critique of my photos. Most recently, Todd has pushed me to take more macro photographs. These are essentially close-ups of objects smaller than my pinky fingernail.

With Kristin's patience, I went a little crazy on our last hike and took many macro shots. I got up close and personal with the tiniest living things, crawling on my hands and knees to discover the little brilliances of the paramo terrain. I think a few of them came out well enough to share with you all. Enjoy.


  1. Awesome photos! I love Ecuador's eco-system. It's different at almost every turn.

  2. Way to step up your macro game. these photos rock!