01 July 2011

Back in the US

We safely arrived yesterday in Chicago. My friend, Rubee, picked us up at the airport and took us, along with his friend Bette, to the Chicago Botanic Garden. We walked around for four hours and had a truly wonderful time.

Then we went to Karyn's, a vegan restaurant that Kristin has been raving about since she first went there in 2006.
 We ate way more than we should have. Thanks Bette and Rubee for such a wonderful day!

Today is our 650th day of traveling. Yay! We are hopping into Alisa's car to begin our 10-day road trip through Wisconsin and Minnesota.


  1. What!? You are here? It's so great!

  2. Well, we're here in the country. Still trying to figure out when we'll get back to D.C. How are things there?