11 May 2011

Skiing Norway, Part 1

We arrived in Oslo two weeks ago. After a few days in the city, and one day of planning and packing, we left for a two week road trip to the west coast of Norway with our friend Eirik. We have backcountry skied 8 of the last 9 days. We've slept in a tent for 11 nights in a row now. And we're returning to the mountains tomorrow. 
It is 2 am, I am sitting on a gravel road, pawning free internet from an unsecured wi-fi source, trying to take care of a few things before returning to our tent. Today we took the day off by visiting the town of Alesund. Tomorrow we go to a nearby village, where we will visit the Devold HQ. Devold makes wool clothing, which I am wearing right now, as well as carbon fiber, which is what Eirik is skiing on this week. So, we are going to meet the people who help us have fun in nature. 

Next week we return to Oslo, where I'll be able to post more photos and stories. Already, Norway is a highlight of our 2 year journey. 

It's a long way to the top.

And sometimes we have to carry our skis to climb higher.

Looking down, sometimes we forget where the bottom is.

But we come back, day after day, reaching for the top.

When the ride is this good, the questions and doubts disappear. Pure joy is all that remains. 

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  1. Such beautiful mountains. No wonder Norway is a highlight of your trip! XO Mom