16 March 2010

Travel Itinerary

Tentative Travel Itinerary:

March 16 - Flight to Bogota, Colombia
April - Colombia, Ecuador
May - Peru
June - Peru, Bolivia
July - Bolivia, Northern Argentina, Northern Chile
August - NE Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
September - Indonesia, Papau New Guinea
October - Borneo, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
November - Thailand, Laos
December - Cambodia, Vietnam

2011 ? ? ?
January - Burma, Nepal
February - Nepal, India
March - India
April - Mid-East
May - Africa
June - Africa
July - Europe
August - Europe
September - Europe
It seems like we're travelling too fast in 2011. We may have to extend our trip another year or two ;) We'll update this we plans become more concrete. Email us if you'd like to meet us somewhere and we'll try to make it happen!

Past Travel:
August - Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota
September - Guatemala
October - Guatemala, Costa Rica
November - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina
December - Chile, Argentina

January - Argentina, Chile
February - Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
March - Uruguay, Argentina

Books we have used to help plan our travel:


  1. I am surprised I still learn things on your blog, considering how much time we spend together!

  2. Sitting drinking wine with Laura,Pauline and Marilyn in Phoenix. Nice recovery on the lipstick comment, you rescued youself with the last line. Great job!

  3. I meant to post earlier, but I love that you were in Forianopolis - I was there for New Years 2002 for almost a week, though you probably had a bit of a different experience - it was packed with Brazilians there for holiday when we were there, but it was beautiful.
    We'll keep an eye on your travel schedule and see if we could meet up with you again this year - who knows if it would work...