29 December 2009


Kristin and I had a chance meeting, and subsequent friendship, with another backpacker from the US. Somehow we got onto the subjective of high school reunions and superlatives. K. completed an Ironman on the day of her high school reunion; I was in Guatemala on the start of our two-year journey. In high school, K. was voted "Most Likely to Succeed", Alisa was "Most Likely to Embarrass You in Public" (which she proved accurate on our trip) and our friend Steve was "Class Clown." I was apparently unremarkable.

Writing a blog makes me feel like I'm in the position to give out my own personal superlatives though, for all of my friends and family who are supporting us on this trip. So here they are, in the no particular order, the Trek Together Awards for 2009:

Best Emailer: my brother Neil

Best Blog Commenter: the tag-team efforts of Chris and Hillary

Funniest Emails: Todd and Kate

Best WTF? Emails and Comments: Cristian in Italy

Friendliest Traveler: Steve ("Tully")

(Steve charming the pants off of a caterpillar)

Most Improved Rock-hopper and River-crosser: Kristin

Largest Self-Improvement: Mia
My niece went from being a few cells to 15 pounds this year alone. By my calculations, she will be the size of a killer whale by next summer.

Most Improved Skier: the Honorable Constable
He had his first ski lesson last year and is now working as a cross-country ski instructor in Kings Canyon National Park.

Longest Travels to Meet Us: Alisa
Thursday - Missouri to Chicago
Friday - Chicago to Minneapolis
Saturday - Minneapolis to Missouri and Missouri to Miami
Sunday - Miami to Santiago and Santiago to Mendoza

Most Likely to Never Stop Traveling: Me

Most Likely to Get Bit by a Bug: Kristin

Favorite Village: San Garcia de Rivas (Chirripo Nat'l. Park, Costa Rica)
Favorite Town: El Chalten (Los Glaciares Nat'l. Park/Fitz Roy, Argentina)
Favorite City: Valparaiso (Chile)

Favorite Book: Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Favorite Card Game: Shithead (Thanks Tom)

Best Group Photographer: Joby Gorrilapod

Best Non-Profit: Avivara

New Favorite Outdoor Company: Rab

Most Unimproved Outdoor Company: Golite

Best Host: Everyone!
Of course we can't name just one. We can't express our gratitude to those who have given us a home while on the road. Pratt/Warzyns, Eric W., Kate and Todd, Sarah K, Brooke and Mark, Shirley and Dennis,
Ann and Gary, Juanca, Chris and Hillary, the Wilsons, Carlos, the Tennessens.


  1. hey, looks whose interwebs are working again, yeah!
    mia was stoked with her shout-out on the blog :)

  2. Hillary - Glad you got those pipes cleaned.